Formed in February of 2008, the EMDT (Episcopal Ministry Discernment Team) has been meeting on a regular basis (barring one blizzard) and will offer updates as they produce them.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

June, 7 2008 EMDT Update

Today, Saturday June 7, we spent significant time with one of our EMDT "reflectors", Fredrica Thompsett, and our "Companion", Jo Gantzer. It was helpful to the group to hear their reflections, impressions, questions and suggestions.

We continue to work on what our vision of the shared episcopate looks like.

We continue to learn about and wrestle with the finances involved in our vision as it emerges.

There are no names that have been raised, let alone considered, at this point.

There will be a more detailed report in the form of a bulletin insert in late July or early August.

Our next meeting is scheduled for June 21.

Marion Luckey
for the EMDT

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The Cornwall Oculator said...

Having been a part of a ministry team in 2 Upstate New York regional ministries and a believer in collaborative, empowering ministry with lay persons, I have been visiting your diocesan website. I think many of us who are passionate about cooperative ministry have been lifting your discernment team in prayer. I'd like to offer a suggestion: give some thought to calling a recent retiree as your next bishop and not a retired bishop, necessarily, whose compensation would consist of the Church Pension Fund retirement, some amount relative to what a retiree may earn in ministry, and then housing, appropriate health insurance, and travel. In an era of 6 figure compensations for bishops in many areas and the rising costs of transportation, it appeals to me as responsible stewardship. I think that a seasoned person might be very helpful as well in the continuing process of healing after the tragic death of Bishop Kelsey.